Tags: Projects

  • Projects Introduction

    SpinUp Projects enable you to organize your resources logically.

  • SpinUp Projects

    SpinUp Projects allow you to easily group and share resources with SpinUp Accounts.

  • Projects Quickstart

    The basics of using Projects.

  • Projects Best Practices

    Best practices for using Projects in your SpinUp account.

  • Account Projects Overview

    How-To manage projects and overview.

  • Projects How-Tos

    How-To guides for using SpinUp account projects.

  • Create a Project

    How-To create a Project on SpinUp to share and segment resources.

  • Delete a Project

    How-To delete your SpinUp Project and all its resources.

  • Using Projects

    This article demonstrates some ways to use projects to improve the visibility and management of your environments. If you need a recap of how to manage projects, check out the how-to articles about projects. Project use cases Here are just a few examples of how you can use SpinUp Projects to organize your cloud resources: