SpinUp Cloud Products

Get your project running with SpinUp’s easy to use Compute, Storage, and Networking solutions.

Powerful, straightforward cloud products

Spend less time on your infrastructure and more time building something great.

  • Cloud Servers

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    Deploy a high-performance virtual server in just three clicks.

    • Wide range of sizes available so you can optimize performance and cost
    • Available in both Linux and Windows
    • RAID 10-protected SSD storage
    • Resize up so you can start small and easily scale as you grow
    • Intel® Xeon® processors
    • Redundant 10GbE networking
  • Block Storage

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    Increase your storage capacity as your applications and databases grow over time.

    • Optimize for your needs by choosing from SATA and SSD
    • Easily deploy and attach to your Cloud Server using our API or control panel
    • Pay only for what you provision – no hidden bandwidth fees
  • Object Storage

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    Object storage is an extremely scalable solution to easily store files such as videos, pictures, and audio and deliver them globally using our Content Delivery Network (CDN).

    • No limit to the number of files you can store
    • Highly reliable since 3 copies of each file are automatically maintained
    • Perfect for static website hosting by leveraging built-in CDN
    • Share files publicly or keep private
    • Our intuitive control panel and API allow for easy file management
  • Load Balancers

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    Automatically distribute workloads across servers to reduce outages.

    • Unlimited connections
    • Session persistence
    • 20Gb/s throughput
    • Dedicated IP address
    • High availability included
    • SSL termination
  • Databases

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    Focus on developing applications and not maintaining your database. With just a few clicks, you can quickly deploy a performance-optimized Database.

    • Scale RAM and storage independently
    • MySQL and MariaDB
    • High Availability with auto-failover
    • Storage automatically scales up when near capacity
    • Scheduled or on-demand backups
  • Projects

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    Organize all your resources into logical groupings using Projects. Projects allow you to easily separate out your work for different environments or clients.

    • Group resources for simple organization
    • Control project access on a user by user basis
    • Compatible with all SpinUp products
    • Efficient resource management
    • Quickly switching between projects within our Control Panel

Get all the extras

We include features and tools that help you succeed in the cloud, at no additional cost.

  • 24/7/365 support

    We are here when you need us. Contact our teams any time via our support ticketing system.

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee

    Get up to 100% of your fees back if we fail to deliver on our 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

  • Control panel and API access

    Manage your infrastructure the way you want to — whether through our intuitive control panel or our APIs.

  • Pre-built applications

    Quickly and easily deploy the most popular applications — such as Magento and WordPress — at no extra cost.

One control panel to rule them all

Find everything you need to manage your cloud, in one place.


Control Panel Features

Execute the most common tasks with the simple click of a button.

Create projects to organize your resources

Add or remove users from your project

Manage your billing

Create and respond to tickets

Create a new Cloud Server

Resize your Cloud Server

Reboot your Cloud Server

Access the Cloud Server console

Create and attach a Block Storage volume

Backup a Block Storage volume

Schedule Cloud Server snapshots

Create on-demand Cloud Server snapshots

Create Load Balancers

Add SSL to Load Balancers

Add or remove nodes from Load Balancers

Change Load Balancer algorithms