The cloud doesn’t have to break the bank. Get the powerful products and features you need without the high prices.

Cloud Servers

Choose from three classes of servers, so you can get the performance-and-cost combination that’s right for your workloads. Plus, add Cloud Server Snapshots to save an image of your server — on a schedule or on demand.

Our Small Cloud Servers with a single vCPU and local SSD storage are ideal for basic workloads like blogs, light test/dev, and low-traffic websites.
Ram vCPU Local Storage Transfer Throughput Linux Win Win+SQL
1 GB 1 25 GB 1 TB 100 Mb/s $5/mo
2 GB 1 50 GB 2 TB 200 Mb/s $10/mo
3 GB 1 60 GB 3 TB 200 Mb/s $15/mo
Our most popular size Cloud Servers can handle a wide range of workloads, like high traffic web servers, e-commerce sites, test and development, mid-sized databases, and application servers. We also recommend starting with our Medium class for any Windows Cloud Servers.
Ram vCPU Local Storage Transfer Throughput Linux Win Win+SQL
2 GB 2 60 GB 3 TB 400 Mb/s $15/mo
4 GB 2 80 GB 4 TB 800 Mb/s $20/mo
6 GB 3 100 GB 4 TB 800 Mb/s $30/mo
8 GB 4 120 GB 5 TB 800 Mb/s $40/mo
Cloud Servers with extra memory and CPU power are designed for production environments, intensive development environments, batch processing, and more demanding workloads.
Ram vCPU Storage Transfer Throughput Linux Win Win+SQL
15 GB 6 160 GB 6 TB 1250 Mb/s $80/mo
30 GB 8 250 GB 7 TB 1600 Mb/s $160/mo
45 GB 12 350 GB 8 TB 2500 Mb/s $240/mo
60 GB 16 400 GB 9 TB 5000 Mb/s $320/mo
75 GB 18 500 GB 9 TB 6000 Mb/s $400/mo
90 GB 20 600 GB 10 TB 7500 Mb/s $480/mo
120 GB 32 800 GB 11 TB 10000 Mb/s $640/mo

*Additional data transfer is priced at $0.01/GB. Additional IP Adresses available at $5/mo.

Cloud Databases

Performance optimized database for your application that is deployed in minutes.

Choose a single database or boost your reliability with an HA deployment.

Memory Logical Cores Network Single Instance HA - 1 Replica HA - 2 Replicas
1 GB 1 100 Mbit $15.00/mo
2 GB 2 200 Mbit $25.00/mo
4 GB 4 300 Mbit $55.00/mo
8 GB 6 400 Mbit $105.00/mo
16 GB 8 500 Mbit $215.00/mo
32 GB 10 1000 Mbit $420.00/mo
64 GB 16 2000 Mbit NA $1,375.00/mo

**Database backups are stored in Object Storage and therefore are subject to standard Object Storage pricing.

Database Storage: We give you the flexibility to choose your Database Storage size so you only pay for what you provision. Storage Price: $0.10/GB/mo

Load Balancers

Don’t sweat spikes in traffic – let our Load Balancers do the work for you.

Take the complexity out of managing your resources to handle rapid spikes in online traffic. With cloud load balancers, you can automatically distribute workloads across multiple servers to improve performance. Only pay for what you provision - no hidden bandwidth or concurrent connection fees.



Need more storage for your server? Use Block Storage to increase capacity as your applications and databases grow over time.

Block Storage

Reliable, high performance, on-demand storage for applications hosted on Cloud Servers. You have the flexibility to choose your size, so you only pay for what you provision.

$0.10 /GB/mo
$0.02 /GB/mo

Snapshots: $0.02/GB/mo

Object Storage

Highly scalable storage for all your media and files. $5 a month gets you 250GB of storage and 1TB of transfer.

Additional Storage:
$0.02 /GB/mo
Additional Transfer:
$0.01 /GB/mo

Object Storage CDN

Rapidly deliver your object storage globally with our CDN. The more you use, the more you save.

First 10TB:
$0.05 /GB/mo
Over 10TB:
$0.04 /GB/mo

Around-the-clock support is always included

We’re here when you need us. Contact our support team any time via our support ticketing system — so you can get help with your cloud, 24x7.