Server Resources

The following sections provide Cloud Server resources and reference guides.

The following are links to various third-party products and software that help to explain the use of cloud infrastructure.

SpinUp recommends looking through these products to strengthen, automate, and protect your cloud infrastructure. Because these items are offered by third parties, SpinUp does not directly support them, but in many cases, the application providers provide their own support options.

Configuration management

Configuration management software enables automated scaling, rapid configuration of new Cloud Servers, and many other features used to automate the management of your environment.

SpinUp highly recommends setting up some form of configuration management to reduce the amount of time it takes to resolve an issue and to simplify many common tasks.

To get started with tutorials and documentation, visit one of the following configuration management software websites:


Monitoring can alert administrators to issues as soon as they occur, typically before they become apparent to your end-users, and provide clues as to what is causing the issue.

SpinUp strongly recommends at the very least a ping check to the Cloud Server or Cloud Servers in your environment.

Additional monitoring options, such as a webpage check, logging of internal resource usage, and others can provide additional information for troubleshooting and cast a wider net to proactively discover issues.

We recommend the following monitoring services, each one takes a slightly different approach to monitoring your environment.

Check out each of these links to find a monitoring solution that works for you.

Cloud monitoring

DIY monitoring

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