Servers Introduction

Welcome to SpinUp Cloud Servers! Whether you’re starting your first blog, getting your business website off the ground, or performing intense scientific calculations, SpinUp has a flavor and size to fit your needs!

Use cases for Cloud Servers

If you’re new to cloud hosting, here are a few popular use cases for how Cloud Servers can best support your business.

  • Web applications made simple and scalable. Create a web application that is scaled to your exact needs, and runs on the exact specs that you designate. Unlike generic site hosting, you won’t be locked into any specific software versions or code languages, and can perform quick and easy horizontal scaling from your control panel to handle increased load.

  • Quickly deploy and manage development environments. Create development Cloud Servers from a number of popular operating systems and distributions, and manage your code environments through features such as Cloud Server Snapshots and account projects, to keep your work organized and streamlined.

  • Batch processing on demand. Cloud Servers are ideal for running batch processing workloads – create as many worker nodes as you need and only pay for the time you need them.

Cloud Servers features

  • Reliable. Fully redundant networking and power.

  • Flexible. Your choice of sizes and Operating System (OS) flavors, including several Linux® variants, and Microsoft® Windows®.

  • Scalable. Easily scale up when your usage grows. Extending your disk space is simple using Block Storage. You can add up to five additional Public Network interfaces.

  • Safe. Each Cloud Server has the option for automated backups to protect against mishaps, and create Cloud Server images before large upgrades, or for testing different options.

  • Availability. Cloud Servers are available in all SpinUp regions.


Cloud Server pricing varies based on your resource needs.

There are three primary flavors: Small, Medium, and Large. In addition, there are multiple sizes within each flavor.

Click here for centralized pricing details.

Bandwidth fees for Cloud Servers

Each Cloud Server includes a bundled amount of bandwidth. Please refer to the pricing details page for your bandwidth allowance based on the flavor you choose. There is a $0.01/GB overage charge for exceeding your limit.


Resource limits

Resource Amount
Servers 4 per region*

*Ready to grow beyond this limit? Contact support for assistance.

Permanent API limits associated with Cloud Servers:

Action URI Amount
GET * 1000 per minute
POST * 100 per minute
POST servers* 1000 per day

Ready to SpinUp a Cloud Server?

Check out our great Quickstart Guide.

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