Schedule Snapshots

This article shows you how to enable scheduled Cloud Server Snapshots.


  • Have a SpinUp account created.
  • Have a Cloud Server created.

Enabling scheduled Cloud Server Snapshots

  1. Log in to the SpinUp Control Panel.
  2. Select Cloud Servers from the left side navigation menu.
  3. On your list of Cloud Servers, click the toggle in the Weekly Snapshots column for the chosen Cloud Server as shown in the following screenshot:
Weekly Snapshots
  1. Notice that the button changes to an ON status as shown in the preceding screenshot.

Snapshots taken of a Cloud Server will only include data stored on the server's local disk (ie C:\ or /dev/xvda). Additional data from Block Storage volume's which are attached to the Cloud Server will not be included in the Snapshot as each volume must instead have it's own individual Snapshot taken.

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