Resize a Cloud Server

Resizing a SpinUp Cloud Server enables you to add disk, RAM, and CPU resources to a specific node. Resizing can be useful if a node needs more resources.


A SpinUp Cloud Server, that is not already the maximum size of 120GB.


Consider the following limitations when you resize a Cloud Server:

  • Because resizing adds to the disk of the Cloud Server, SpinUp recommends that you check the health of the filesystem prior to a resize. This helps you to avoid any potential filesystem issues that can come to light due to the resize. If an issue does occur, it rarely results in data loss, but issues like this are easier to troubleshoot outside of the resize process.

  • Resizing requires a reboot of the Cloud Server toward the end of the process. SpinUp recommends that you reboot the Cloud Server before you resize it. A reboot before a resize enables you to check for potential issues, ensure that services are configured to come up correctly after a reboot, and resolve any such issues before resizing, leading to a smoother experience with less downtime.

  • Resizing takes time and causes downtime during the end stages of the process. The downtime starts with the aforementioned reboot. The downtime is usually less than twenty minutes, but it might take longer depending on load and changes to the disk of the Cloud Server being resized. Due to these factors, SpinUp cannot accurately determine the length of downtime for a given system.

  • Resizing as a whole can take several hours, but the downtime is limited to the end stages of the process. During the first steps of a resize, the Cloud Server continues to run and to process incoming requests normally. You can access and make changes on the OS of the Cloud Server during this period, but additional changes add to the downtime during the process. Wait for the process to complete before taking additional actions against the sever in the SpinUp Control Panel or by using the API.

  • Resizing can only go up in size class. You cannot shrink your compute resources on a device. After the Cloud Server changes to the new size, the billing on the device changes to reflect the new resource usage. This is why a 120GB Cloud Server cannot resize, it is already the maximum size SpinUp offers.

Resize a Cloud Server

Click Cloud Server in the left navigation menu and then click the desired Cloud Server. The Cloud Server Details page opens.

Click the RESIZE icon below the Cloud Server details.

Resize Button

A dialog box containing your size options appears.

Select small, medium, or large and then choose the desired size within the category.


Your options are limited by the current size of the Cloud Server. Because Cloud Servers can only resize up, a medium Cloud Server shows only medium and large options.

After you have made your selections, click the RESIZE button on the bottom right.

Resize Server Dialog

The system begins the resize process automatically. Now you just need to wait for the process to complete. The server stays in a resizing status to prevent any further Control Panel or API actions until the resize completes:

Cloud Server in resizing status

The Control Panel updates the Cloud Server status to active when the resize process completes.

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