Reset the Root Password

At some point, you might encounter a scenario where you need to reset the root password on your Cloud Server. This article covers the steps required to reset the root password on your Cloud Servers by using the SpinUp Control Panel.


You need valid login credentials for the SpinUp Control Panel and an active Cloud Server.

Step 1: Log into SpinUp Control Panel

After you are logged into the portal, the Dashboard page displays:

Account Dashboard

Step 2: Navigate to the Cloud Servers page

From the dashboard page, click Cloud Servers in the left side of page navigation:


Step 3: View the Cloud Server details page

In the list, click on the Cloud Server for which you want to change the root password:

Server List Page

Step 4: Reset the password

On the Cloud Server Details page, choose RESET PASSWORD from the available options.

Password Reset

Enter your password in the dialogue box.

After you have entered a new password, you can test the password by clicking the Console icon on the Sever Details page and logging into the console with the new credentials.

What to do if you still cannot reach your server

Following the preceding steps enables you to change the root password on a Cloud Server. However, if you are still unable to log in to the server after changing the password, the issue might lie with the protocol used to connect to the server. Most commonly, this is SecureShell (SSH) for Linux® and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for Microsoft® Windows®. In these situations, SpinUp recommends using console mode to access the server. To learn how, see our article on console mode.

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