Reboot a Cloud Server

In many cases, rebooting a Cloud Server can fix minor issues with the device.

Rebooting causes the device to re-initialize its operating system (OS), services, and applications, which can resolve a variety of issues.

SpinUp recommends rebooting the device if you cannot reach it via normal means or via the web console.

How to reboot a Cloud Server

There are two methods available to reboot a Cloud Server:

  • Reboot the device via the OS.

  • Reboot the device via the SpinUp control panel.

Reboot the device via the OS

The best option for rebooting your Cloud Server device is to reboot from the OS.

When you reboot from the OS, the device gracefully shuts down and then starts back up. This method is only possible if there is SSH/RDP or emergency console access to the device.

For a Linux Cloud Server, execute the following command:

sudo shutdown -r

For a Windows Cloud Server:

  • Click the Start menu.

  • Click the Power icon, and then select Restart.

Alternatively you can restart a Windows device by executing the following command on the command line:

shutdown -r

Reboot a device via the SpinUp control panel


Rebooting your device via the SpinUp control panel or API is slightly different than rebooting from within the OS. Initiating a reboot with either of these methods causes the hypervisor for the Cloud Server to issue a hard reboot. A hard reboot is analogous to holding down the power button on physical desktop or laptop. The Cloud Server shuts down without an opportunity to properly close its applications. This approach is useful for situations where a reboot does not process via the OS, or when the Cloud Server becomes unresponsive. However, there is a small risk of data corruption for files that are still open at the time of the hard reboot. Most modern operating systems have fail safes specifically designed for this type of situation, which means that the loss of data is extremely rare.

There are two methods available to reboot a Cloud Server from the control panel. The first is to simply click the reboot option within the gear drop down menu in your Cloud Server list.

Rebooting via the server list

The other method is to select the reboot button in the Cloud Server’s details page.

Reboot button on server page

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