Create Snapshots


  • Create or have an active SpinUp account.
  • Create or have an active Cloud Server.

Creating Cloud Server Snapshots

  1. Log in to the SpinUp Control Panel.
  2. Select Cloud Servers from the left-side navigation menu.
  3. Click the name of the Cloud Server for which you want to create a snapshot.
  4. Click SNAPSHOTS in the toolbar.
  6. Give your snapshot a unique name to help identify it, then click CREATE.
  7. The snapshot is now listed with a status of saving and the its creation date. Your Cloud Server’s status shows as creating snapshot.
  8. When the snapshot creation completes, your Cloud Server and snapshot return to active status.

Snapshots taken of a Cloud Server will include data from the server's local disk only (ie C:\ or /dev/xvda). Additional data from Block Storage volume's which are attached to the Cloud Server will not be included in the Snapshot as each volume must instead have it's own individual Snapshot taken.

Next steps

Because you know how to create on-demand snapshots, you are prepared for any tasks where you potentially need to roll your Cloud Server configuration back, such as system updates or changes to your applications or environment setup. We also recommend that you retain a set of snapshots for unforeseen events by scheduling weekly snapshots in your SpinUp Control Panel.

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