Server Monitoring

SpinUp has recommendations for different OpenSource platforms that you can use to monitor your environment.


You need a valid account with deployed SpinUp resources to monitor, such as Cloud Servers.

What is monitoring

Monitoring, at its most basic form, is a routine check to verify that a service or website is available in its expected capacity. Various monitoring services perform these checks in different ways, either by using public internet requests or with some service running on your Cloud Server itself.

There is no real ‘one size fits all’ monitoring service or provider, every server, application, and user differs in what needs to be monitored. In the following Resources section, we’ve provided some of the popular monitoring services. However, there are many more available in both free and paid forms, which you can look into. If you are serious about monitoring, a premium monitoring service’s tools usually offer more features and reliable data to help you, and it might be worth your while to establish a budget for such monitoring services.


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