Projects Introduction

A SpinUp Project enables you to organize your resources for better identification and collaboration.

Every account gets a beginning project called Default Project. This default project can be renamed at any time, but it cannot be deleted. All resources that you deploy are built into this default project unless you switch projects.

Use cases

  • Track work for your clients.
  • Organize your resources by purpose.
  • Group resources by Content Management System (CMS).
  • Group resources based on the department within your organization that works on them.

If you’d like to see more use cases, check out Using projects.

Features of Projects

Projects can:

  • Organize resources.
  • Provide better high-level visibility of resource allocation.

Project limitations

  • Currently do not allow you to move resources between projects in the portal. However, you can submit a ticket so that we can assist with that.
  • Billing is account level and not billed on a per project basis.
  • Cannot transfer projects between SpinUp accounts.
  • Cannot restrict users to certain projects. User access is at the account level.

Ready to SpinUp your first Project?

Have a look at our great Quickstart Guide.

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