Using Projects

This article demonstrates some ways to use projects to improve the visibility and management of your environments.

If you need a recap of how to manage projects, check out the how-to articles about projects.

Project use cases

Here are just a few examples of how you can use SpinUp Projects to organize your cloud resources:

  • Keep multi-environment applications organized: Divide your account into separate projects for production, staging, and development to better manage code implementations across your infrastructure. This also helps you stay focused when working in your control panel, by letting you navigate just one environment at a time.

  • Group resources by their security levels: When working with compliance or security protocols, such as Encryption at rest, Payment Card Industry (PCI), or Secure Socket Layers (SSL) certificates, assign your various cloud resources to projects by their security implementations.

  • Group resources by Content Management System (CMS): In your control panel, know at a glance which resources are part of your Wordpress, Drupal, or Magento applications by assigning them to CMS-specific projects.

  • Organize all your applications and systems by purpose: If you run your organization from the cloud, or at least multiple systems, keeping your assets arranged into projects by type, such as eCommerce, blog, or internal can help you keep tabs on everything you do with SpinUp.

  • Track work for your clients: If you create applications or provide hosting for multiple clients, Projects can help you fully separate and organize your cloud resources for each undertaking. Never lose sleep again over which client’s server is which (because they’re all named web01) by using projects!

Other considerations when using projects

You can manage all of your projects directly from the Account Overview section of the control panel. It’s also recommended that you add descriptions to each project so that all users on the account will be able to quickly identify how your resources are organized.

Please keep in mind that at this time, separate billing by project is not supported, and transferring projects between accounts is currently not available. Transferring any resources between projects must be done through a support ticket.

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