Product Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle Introduction

The product lifecycle follows the stages of a product as it emerges from research and development and eventually becomes generally available to the SpinUp user base. These lifecycle stages describe how we test, release, and end-of-life products in the SpinUp portfolio.

Lifecycle Status Customer availability Ready for Production End of life (EOL) Support
Pre-release Limited to invite only No Can be EOL’d without notice No
Limited Availability Limited to specific customer request and approval Yes, limited workloads Follows normal EOL process Limited
General Availability Available Globally Yes, all workloads Follows normal EOL process Yes
End of life Not available No Based on SpinUp EOL policy No

Pre-release - PRE

  • Customer availability: Pre-release access is limited to only a select subset of customers via invite.
  • Testing & development purposes: The product is still in the early phase and it not quite ready for production workloads.
  • No Service-level Agreement (SLA) or no support: We cannot offer an SLA or support for products still in pre-release phase
  • Regions: Available in one or more regions
  • Not feature complete
  • Can be EOL’d without notice
  • Fees & Charges might be waived

Limited Availability - LA

  • Customer availability: Products in a Limited Availability can be either open to all or require opt-in from customers via a ticket.
  • Limited production workloads: Limited use in production but not quite ready for prime time use.
  • Regions: Available in one or more regions
  • Majority of feature are complete
  • Follows standard billing and pricing
    • Fees & Charges may be waived

General Availability - GA

  • Customer availability: Products in the General Availability status are available to all SpinUp users.
  • Ready for production: Products in this state are safe and stable enough for production environments.
  • End of Life: Products in the General Availability stage follow the normal EOL process.
  • SLA and support: Standard SLA applies to the product along with normal support channels.
  • All major features are available in the User Interface (UI) & Control Panel for consumption

End of Life - EOL

  • No SLA & no support: Once a product has been EOL’d we can not support the product or guarantee its stability.
  • No updates or security patching: After a product has been EOL’d, we do not offer any updates or security patching.
  • All EOL products have best effort for support with no guarantees of uptime or stability.
  • Not Generally Available to all customers
  • Notifications - SpinUp sends notifications before we take any EOL action. For key products or major feature releases, we send communications three months in advance of the release.
    • We send feature deprecation or retirement notifications one month before we take action.
  • SpinUp is a consumer and reflects what the vendor recommends for its product. If the upstream vendor ends support, SpinUp ends support at the same time.
  • Operating Systems may be EOL’d early due to security if the vendor is unable to patch or maintain packages.

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