Object Storage Introduction

SpinUp Object Storage provides online storage for media or other static files, and delivers them worldwide at lightning speeds by using a global content delivery network (CDN). Scale up to as many as half a million buckets with no hard limit on objects you can store.

Object Storage features

  • Simple. Manage and store your objects using our control panel or via our API.

  • Fast. SpinUp Object Storage CDN is powered by Akamai and uses over 200 worldwide edge locations. Your users get your content quickly from locations within their region, making it awesome for media hosting.

  • Reliable. Object Storage maintains three copies of each object within its infrastructure, which makes retrieving your content quick and reliable.


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Regional Availability of Object Storage

Object Storage is available in the following regions:

Region Available
us-central-1 Limited Availability
us-east-1 Limited Availability
us-north-1 Limited Availability


Resource limits per account associated with Object Storage:

Resource Limits

Resource Amount
Buckets 500,000
Unique Metadata Items 90
Maximum Object Size* 5GB

*Static Large Objects and Dynamic Large Objects over 5GB are both supported via segmenting

Permanent hard API limits associated with Object Storage:

Rate Limits

Action Amount
POST 100 per second per bucket
PUT 100 per second per bucket
DELETE 100 per second per bucket

Ready to SpinUp some Object Storage?

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