Upload Object


To follow this guide, you will need access to a SpinUp account Control Panel.

Confirm you are in the desired project on your account before starting–if you only have one project, this is picked by default. In the left-hand menu, navigate to the Object Storage section of your SpinUp Control Panel.

Select a region and a bucket

Select which region you wish to use for hosting your files by picking from the Region drop-down menu at the top of this screen. Next, click on the name of the bucket you wish to upload to–if no buckets have been created yet, click the + CREATE button to make a new one.

(Optional) Select a virtual folder

Buckets can have one or more virtual folders inside of them, to mimic the organizational structure of a traditional file system. Since these are not true folders, just organizational names, select which virtual folder you wish to upload your content to and click the Upload File button next to its name to place it correctly. If you want to upload your files directly to the bucket with no virtual folder organization applied, skip this step.

Upload your file

Click on the Upload File button at the top of the navigation panel. You will be prompted to either drag and drop, or browse your local file system for the desired file. Once the upload is completed, the progress pop-up will automatically close.

The total object count, including virtual folders, will be updated, as will the total size of storage used in the bucket. Depending on the size of your buckets and the number of objects being reconciled, this change to the display information may take a few minutes to complete.

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