CDN Enable a Bucket


To follow this guide, you need access to a SpinUp account Control Panel.

Confirm you are in the desired project on your account before starting–if you only have one project, this is picked by default. In the left-hand menu, navigate to the Object Storage section of your SpinUp Control Panel.

Select a region and a bucket

Choose the region you plan to use for hosting files by picking from the Region drop-down menu at the top of this screen. Next, click on the name of the bucket you wish to CDN enable–if no buckets have been created yet, click the + CREATE button to make a new one.

CDN enable the bucket

Click the CDN slider which should move the position to ON. After the brief loading bar displays, the slider moves to the ON position. Additionally, a new button next to the CDN slider titled + PUBLIC LINKS will appear.

You should now see a new window titled CDN Public Links, which contains an HTTP and an HTTPS URL for the files within your bucket. These URLs will make full use of the CDN infrastructure, shortening load times for viewers based on geography.

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