Load Balancers Introduction

SpinUp Load Balancers provides you with a simple, reliable, and fast method for distributing your workload across multiple servers, in order to improve both reliability and performance of your web applications.

Load Balancers features

  • Simple. Easily provision and configure your Load Balancers using our control panel, or our API in any SpinUp region. Then add server nodes to non-disruptively horizontally scale your workload in minutes!
  • Highly Available. SpinUp Load Balancers are redundant by default. You only need one to enable your application for HA.
  • Resilient. Configure multiple servers behind a Load Balancer to maintain your services even if a server fails. Health monitoring allows the Load Balancer to automatically manage unresponsive nodes.
  • Secure. Enabling SSL Termination offloads public key encryption and decryption while providing HTTP to HTTPS redirects to assist with secure connections.
  • Yours. Each Load Balancer you configure is assigned a static IP address that remains as long as the Load Balancer is in use.


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Bandwidth fees for Load Balancers

Bandwidth Fees for Load Balancers


Resource limits

Resource Amount
Load Balancers 25
Node Limit 25
IPv6 per Load Balancer 25
Batch Delete Limit 10

Permanent hard API limits associated with Load Balancers.

Action Amount
GET 5 per second
GET 100 per minute
POST 2 per second
POST 25 per minute
PUT 5 per second
PUT 25 per minute
DELETE 2 per second
DELETE 50 per minute

Ready to SpinUp a Load Balancer?

Check out our great Quickstart Guide to get a cloud Load Balancer up and running in about five minutes.

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