Delete a Load Balancer

This article shows you how to delete a Load Balancer.


To use this guide, you need access to the SpinUp Control Panel, where you can view and make changes to your created Load Balancers.

Delete a Load Balancer

Perform the following steps to delete a Load Balancer in your current project.

In the side navigation panel, select Load Balancers. On the list of available Load Balancers, click on the gear-shaped icon under the header marked Actions. This brings up the available option to delete the Load Balancer instance.

Load Balancer Actions Menu
The deletion of Load Balancer instances is immediate and permanent, so be certain you want to irreversibly destroy your Load Balancer before taking this action. The IP address assigned to it is released and cannot be reassigned to you, so keep this in mind when removing any instances.

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