Database Resources

The following sections provide some additional resources and reference guides.

MySQL resources

SQL training courses

Introductory classes

SQL tutorials

  • Codecademy: Learn SQL This free online course covers the basics of database fundamentals: tables, queries, aggregate functions, constructing advanced database queries, and more.

  • Khan Academy: Intro to SQL This free online course covers SQL fundamentals and then continues with constructing more advanced SQL queries using operators (such as AND, OR, IN, LIKE, and so on) and joins.

  • W3Schools: SQL Tutorial This free online tutorial guides you through learning syntax and the most important statements, keywords, and functions.

Other tutorials and tools

  • Philip Greenspun: SQL for Web Nerds This free online book, written and distributed by MIT professor Philip Greenspun, teaches relational database management systems from the perspective of a web application developer.

  • SQL Fiddle This free online tool enables you to test queries and to compare and contrast SQL statements.

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