Databases Introduction

SpinUp Databases provide you with a fast, reliable, and robust database management system (DBMS) for your application based on MySQL®.

MySQL is a fast, powerful, and open-source DBMS that has been around for nearly 25 years. A DBMS is a system that manages databases and connects them to your applications. MySQL is very popular for small to medium websites, although many of the largest Fortune 1000 companies use it extensively.

MySQL is fairly vendor-neutral and has a very large community around it.

Typically, MySQL is used for web applications that need backend storage, such as WordPress®, MediaWiki®, or other applications geared towards using a Linux®, Apache® MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack.

Databases features

Following are some features of SpinUp Databases:

  • Simple. Easily create, grow, and access your databases using our control panel, or our API. Get started in minutes and skip time-consuming and expensive management tasks.

  • Reliable. Redundant power, storage, and networking help to protect you from hardware failures.

  • Performant. Containerized instances provide nearly bare-metal performance, while high-speed networking enables quick communication between your database and your application.

  • Scalable. Easily add or remove replicas, scale RAM up to 64 GB, and scale storage up to 1 TB with minimal downtime. Configure high-availability (HA) with ease.

  • Flexible. Supports both MySQL 8 and MySQL 5.7 to enable you to choose the version that fits your applications’ requirements.


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Absolute Limits

Item Description Amount
Instances Maximum number of instances allowed per account 25
Volume Size Maximum volume size per instance 1024 GB

API Limits can be found in our Databases API Documentation

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