Manual Backup


You need access to a SpinUp account and its associated Control Panel. You also need at least one database instance. To create a database instance use our QuickStart.

About Databases backups

As a best practice, you should enable scheduled periodic backups for all of your database instances. The SpinUp Control Panel refers to these as Weekly Backups.

To enable Weekly Backups use our Scheduled Backups article.

For standalone instances, the backup applies directly to your instance, so you should determine the lowest usage point of your day to perform backups to prevent unwanted load on your database during peak times.

For High Availability (HA) groups, the backup applies to the entire HA group, but backups are performed against the most up-to-date replica, thus preventing unwanted loadon your source instance.


Backups provide the following features:

  • Ability to create a point-in-time manual backup of your database instance.
  • Ability to restore to a new instance, so that created backups can be verified without impacting your production instance.


Backups for Databases have the following limitations:

  • Restores cannot be applied to an existing instance. A new instance is always created.


Backups are charged based on the amount of storage used at the standard rates. For information on these rates, click here for centralized pricing details.

Charges are incurred as long as the backups exist. Even if you delete the instance, you will be charged for the backups until you remove them.

Creating a manual backup

  1. Log in to your SpinUp account.

  2. On the left navigation bar, click Databases.

  3. Select a database from the Database instance(s) list.

  4. Choose the Backups tab below the instance details.


  6. Enter a name for your backup. Click Create.

The backup job will appear in the list, with a status of new. After the backup starts, the status changes to BUILDING. After it completes, the status changes to COMPLETED.

Note that depending upon the amount of data being backed up, your backup might take quite a while.


The information presented here helps you understand how to create a manual backup of your database instance and provides detailed steps.

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