Enable the root user on a Database

This article shows you how to enable the root user on a SpinUp Database by using the SpinUp Control Panel.


You need to already have created a SpinUp account. If you haven’t created one yet, you can register for an account on our sign-up page.

Feel free to follow our Quickstart Guide article to create a database instance if you don’t have one yet.

From the lefthand navigational pane, select Databases. On the right, click the database instance you wish to enable the root user on.

Enable root

The root user is disabled, or OFF by default.

Click the slider next to Root User on the details screen, which will change the option to ON.

When the root user is enabled, a password will show in the field, for a short time. Make sure you document this password somewhere safe.

Changing the root password

If root is already enabled, simply click SHOW PASSWORD to both CHANGE and show you the new password.

What’s next?

See Best Practices to help you to get the knowledge you need to ensure your database is as optimized and secure as possible.

If you need to know how to perform a specific task, we maintain a list of those tasks in our How-To Articles section.


This article helped you enable root, or change the root password on your SpinUp Database.

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