Create a SpinUp Database

This article shows you how to create a SpinUp Database by using the SpinUp Control Panel and covers the options for the Cloud Database’s engine, size, and more.


You need access to a SpinUp account and its associated Control Panel.

From the lefthand navigational pane, click Databases. On the next page, click CREATE to begin the creation process.

Enter the database details

In the database creation dialog, you should choose a name for your SpinUp Database.

Select a data center region

Select a region for the database to reside in. Remember that you should create the database in the same region as the server which will be communicating with it. SpinUp also recommends selecting a region close to your location or your customer base because this reduces latency and load times for the end users.

Choose an instance type

Next, you are prompted to select an type of database. The following options are available: • Single Instance - A single SpinUp Database with no replication or load balancer. • High Availability - A SpinUp Database placed behind a load balancer with one or two replicas. In the event of an outage on the master, one of these replicas is promoted to the master and the old master is removed.

Determine the database’s resources

Below the type, you need to choose how much CPU, RAM, and disk resources are assigned to the database. SpinUp provides you a number of options with their price and specifications for you to choose from.

Select a size category and then the specific disk size for your database. If you are unsure of the best choice for your needs, don’t panic. If the size that you chose does not work for you, you can always spin up a smaller or larger database.

Finalize build settings and create the SpinUp Database

After the disk size section, a summary shows all the selected options for your build as shown in the following image. If the choices are correct, click SPINUP INSTANCE at the bottom of the page.

In just a few minutes, the build should complete, but before you can access the new SpinUp Database, you need to create a database and a user. You can perform these actions by clicking DATABASES and USERS from the Cloud Database Details page for your newly created database.

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