Scheduled Backups


You need access to a SpinUp account and its associated Control Panel. You also need at least one database instance. To create a database instance use our QuickStart.

About Databases scheduled backups

As a best practice, you should enable scheduled periodic backups for all of your database instances. The SpinUp Control Panel refers to these as Weekly Backups.

For standalone instances, the backup applies directly to your instance, so you should determine the lowest usage point of your day to perform backups to prevent unwanted load on your database during peak times.

For HA groups, the backup schedule applies to the entire HA group, but backups are performed against the most up-to-date replica, thus preventing unwanted load on your source instance.

When a standalone instance with scheduled backups enabled is converted to an HA group, the resulting HA group also has scheduled backups enabled, with the same settings as the original instance.


Scheduled (Weekly) backups provide the following features:

  • Incremental backups are performed daily, except on the day of the full backup.
  • Automated backups for HA instance groups use the HA instance ID as a reference, and the backup process uses the most up-to-date replica node as the source of the backup.
  • You define the number of full, automated backups to retain.
  • You can set the run now option through the API to run the backup process immediately.


Backups for Databases have the following limitations:

  • Backup schedules cannot be directly assigned to instances that are part of an HA group. They must be applied to the universally unique identifier (UUID) for the HA group instead.
  • Only one backup schedule is allowed per instance or HA group.


Scheduled (Weekly) backups are priced the same as on-demand backups. They are charged based on the amount of storage used at the standard rates. For information on these rates, click here for centralized pricing details.

Charges are incurred as long as the backups exist. Even if you delete the instance, you will be charged for the backups until you remove them.

Turning on scheduled backups

  1. Log in to your SpinUp account.

  2. On the left navigation bar, click Databases.

  3. Select a database from the Database instance(s) list.

  4. Turn on Weekly Backups using the slider.

  5. Enter the Name, Day of Week, Hour, and Minute you would like your Weekly Backup to begin.

Full backups run on the scheduled day, weekly, with subsequent days receiving an incremental backup.


The information presented here helps you understand why you should schedule backups and walks you through enabling them for your database instance.

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