Block Storage Introduction

SpinUp Block Storage provides you with reliable, performant, on-demand storage for your burgeoning needs. Block Storage volumes are available in all regions.

Block Storage features

  • Simple. Provision Block Storage easily during Cloud Server creation, or any time after, as needed, using our control panel, or our API. Get started in minutes with our easy to read Quickstart article.

  • Fast. Lightning quick 10GbE connections to your storage volume means better performance for your apps.

  • Inexpensive. Our simple pricing model means you only pay for the amount of storage that you request. Our pricing includes free I/O, so there are no bandwidth charges.

  • Choice. Highly performant solid-state (SSD) drives or rotational (HDD) drives, configurable from 75GB to 1TB (1000GB) per volume.


Click here for centralized pricing details.


Resource limits

Resource Amount
SSD Volumes 10TB or 50 volumes
HDD Volumes 10 TB or 50 volumes
Snapshots 5000 per volume

Ready to SpinUp a Volume?

Check out our great Quickstart Guide and have your first volume created and attached in just 5 minutes.

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