View Block Storage Snapshots

This article will walk you through how to view any Block Storage snapshots you have created from Block Storage volumes.


You will need valid login credentials for the SpinUp control panel.

Log into the SpinUp Control Panel

Log into your SpinUp account with your user credentials.

Step 1: Navigate to the Block Storage volume section of the dashboard

From the dashboard page, locate and select the Block Storage Volumes section:

Block Storage nav menu

Step 2: Select the volume that you want to work with

On the volume list page, track down the volume that you want to see the snapshots for. You can do this by clicking on the Name of the volume:

Block Storage selection

Step 3: Scroll to the Snapshots of this volume section of the volume details page

On the volume details page, you will need to scroll down towards the bottom of the page to locate the snapshots section. From there you should be able to see any existing volumes or create new Volume Snapshots:

Volume snapshot list

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