Create A Block Storage Volume Snapshot

Follow the instructions in this article to create a Block Storage snapshot quickly and easily by using the SpinUp Control Panel. This article assumes you have already created a block and wish to snapshot it.


You will need a valid SpinUp account to work with Block Storage.

Detach the volume

SpinUp requires detaching a volume before running a snapshot process against it. Doing so eliminates the risk of changes being made to the disk during the snapshot process, which could lead to data corruption.

For more information about how to detach a volume from the Control Panel, see Detach a volume

Snapshot the volume

There are two ways to start a snapshot from the control panel. The first is from the volume list page. Navigate to this page by clicking Volumes in the left hand navigation menu. Once there scroll to find the volume you wish to snapshot and then click the gear icon to open up the actions menu. Once there, select the Create Snapshot option.

Gear Menu

A dialog box will appear to allow you to enter a name and description of the snapshot. Click create after supplying a name for the snapshot.

Confirm Dialog

You can also start a snapshot from the volume details page. The button is located near the bottom of the page, under the list of existing snapshots.

Volume details snapshot button

The system starts the snapshot process on the volume. This process takes some time based on the amount of data to be copied. A large volume with lots of data takes much longer than a small volume with very little data. Because to this, SpinUp cannot accurately predict the amount of time it takes to snapshot a particular volume.

Snapshots taken of a Block Storage Volume will only include data from specific volume you are snapshotting. Additional data from the server's local disk (ie C:\ or /dev/xvda), or other Block Storage volumes which are attached will not be included in the Snapshot as each must instead have it's own respective Snapshot created.

Reattach the volume

After the snapshot is complete, you can safely reattach it. If you are unsure how to do this, see Attach a volume.

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