Detach Block Storage

Detaching a Block Storage enables you to move the block to another device, safely perform a snapshot, or delete the volume to save cost. Regardless of the reason, the process to detach the block is the same.


To perform the steps in this article, you should:

  • Have a Cloud Server with attached Block Storage.
  • Be logged into the control panel.

Additionally, Block Storage relies on a ISCSI to connect the volume to the server. If this connection is still active for any reason, detaching the volume through the Control Panel or the API will likely fail. Because of this, you should unmount the volume from the OS before attempting a detach.

Detach a volume

You can detach a volume in multiple locations in the control panel such as from the volumes page, the server details page for a specific server, or the volume details page for a specific volume.
This article provides instructions on each method.

Detach from the volumes page

  • Navigate to the Volumes page within the Control Panel.
  • Scroll and locate the volume in question.
  • Click the gear icon associated with the volume.
  • Select Detach from the gear menu.
    Gear Menu Detach

Detach from the volume details page

  • Navigate to the volume’s Details page.
  • Select Detach near the bottom of the page.
    Volume Details Detach

Detach from the server details page

  • Navigate to the server’s Details page.
  • Click Block Storage below the action buttons for the server
    Server Details Block Storage
  • Click the checkbox next to the volume in question. The attach option should change to detach.
  • Click Detach volume(s).
    Server Details Detach


If you are unable to unmount the block from the OS, shut the server down and attempt the detach again. This should remove any possibility of the OS interfering with the detach.

Next steps

Repeat the above steps as needed for additional volumes. With a detached volume you can attach to another server, create a snapshot now that the volume is detached, or simply delete the volume if it is no longer necessary.

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