Delete A Block Storage Volume

This article describes how to delete a SpinUp Block Storage volume.


Before you can delete a Block Storage volume, you must meet be able to perform the following actions:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Log in to your server.
  • Be able to detach the volume from the operating system (OS).

Required actions prior to deleting the Block Storage volume

  • Prior to deleting a volume, the volume must be unmounted from the server. See specific instructions on accessing Block Storage volumes here.

  • The Block Storage volume must also be detached from the server. Follow the instructions here.

  • If a snapshot of the volume exists, you must delete the snapshot before you can delete the volume. Use the instructions here.

Delete the Block Storage volume


After a volume is deleted, the data is not recoverable. Be sure to copy any important files to a safe location before you delete a volume.

  • Log in to the SpinUp Control Panel.

  • On the side navigation bar, click Volumes.

  • In the listing of volumes, click on the cogwheel icon and then select Delete from the expanded options.

  • Confirm the decision to delete the volume (review and check the name).

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