Attach A Block Storage Volume


To follow this article, you will need the following items:

  • An active SpinUp account
  • An active Cloud Server
  • A Block Storage volume

Attach the volume

Perform the following steps to attach the volume to your server:

  • Log in to the SpinUp Control Panel.

  • Click Block Storage Volumes from the left navigation bar.

  • Click the name of your chosen Block Storage volume.

  • Click ATTACH in the Block Storage Volume details page, as shown in the following image:

Attach volume button
  • Click the down arrow next to Available Cloud Servers and choose the server to which you want to attach the volume:
Select a server to attach a volume
  • Click ATTACH to begin the process.

  • The Successfully attached server pop-up displays and the status of the volume changes to attaching.

  • After the process completes, additional server information displays and the status changes to Attached as shown in the following image:

Successfully attached volume

Now, you can configure your OS to use the volume from within the server.

Next steps

Now that you have successfully attached a Block Storage volume to your Cloud Server, you are ready to prepare the volume for use by the operating system. In the case of newly created Block Storage volumes, you will be formatting the disk for use by the server operating system before accessing it.

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