Base Images Quickstart

This article helps you to get your feet wet with SpinUp Base Images, and it should take less than five minutes to complete.

After you’re done, you should have an understanding of what Base Images are and what they are used for.


You need to already have created a SpinUp account. If you haven’t created one yet, you can register for an account via our sign-up page.

Understanding Base Images

Base Images are freely offered presets for various server operating systems (OS). You can build (or rebuild) Cloud Servers by using Base Images.

Base Images key concepts

A Base Image is a blank slate of an OS and some essential applications and packages.

When you build, or rebuild, a server with a Base Image, the server starts with only the OS and bare necessities for running the Cloud Server. Base Images do not contain any of your custom data, and they do not take on the role of a backup for your Cloud Servers.

Top three use cases for Base Images

  • Quickly spin up a Cloud Server with a working OS to enable you to implement and manage a wide variety of applications.

  • Build servers with already registered proprietary software, such as SQL.

  • Rebuild a Cloud Server and revert it to the bare OS.

Create servers from Base Images

SpinUp provides customers a selection of popular server operating systems in the form of Base Images which can be used to specify the Operating System of a created Cloud Server. Base Images are provided free of charge, and you are only billed for the servers created from these Base Images.

Next steps

Now that you understand Base Images, you can SpinUp a server using our Cloud Servers Quickstart, which will get you up and running with your own server very quickly.

If you’d like to learn more about Base Images, Best practices provides the knowledge you need to further understand Base Images.

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