Base Images Introduction

SpinUp provides a selection of popular server operating systems in the form of Base Images. You can use Base Images to specify the operating system (OS) when you create a Cloud Server. To provide you with the best experience, we carefully maintain the list of Base Images to ensure each one works properly. We periodically remove older versions of an OS from the list as soon as we finish vetting and testing the newer version.

Base Images features

Base Images have the following features. They are:

  • Accessible: We create Base Images to run popular operating systems, and specifically configure them for use on a SpinUp Cloud Server. We make Base Images available in all SpinUp regions.

  • Free: There is no cost for the storage of Base Images.

  • Verified: We test each Base Image before we make it available in the portal.


We provide Base Images free of charge. You always have access to the current list of Base Images. You can build servers from these Base Images without paying for the storage of the images. We bill you for the servers built from the Base Images.

Available Base Images

  • CentOS® 7 & CentOS 8
  • Debian® 9 & Debian 10
  • Fedora® 29 & Fedora 30
  • Ubuntu® 16, Ubuntu 18, & Ubuntu 19
  • Windows® 2016, Windows SQL Web 2017, & Windows 2019

In addition to our provided Base Images, you can create and setup scheduled Server Snapshots, which act as your own custom images.

Ready to learn more?

Check out our great Quickstart Guide to learn more about Base Images, or if you’re ready to SpinUp a server, head straight on over to our Cloud Servers Quickstart Guide, which get you up and running with your own server very quickly.

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