Choosing the Right SpinUp Base Image

Best practices for choosing the best Base Image for your use.

Application compatibility

Make sure that the applications or packages you want to run are available, or ideally are optimized, for the operating system (OS) version you select.

Additionally, be aware that the packages that come included with your base image will vary between OS distributions and versions, some of which may be dependencies underlying other applications, or your own custom code.

End of Life considerations

Be sure to stay informed on the end of life (EOL) dates for any OS software you use in your environment.

While the SpinUp Base Images for EOL software may continue to be made available for a certain grace period, these Base Images will eventually be phased out of availability altogether. We strongly recommend that you keep your environment within supported OS versions to avoid security vulnerabilities, poor performance, and compatibility issues with newer applications.

Upgrading vs rebuilding

There will be times when your servers’ OS version needs to be updated, either due to concerns with your own software or the end of life considerations mentioned above.

While Linux servers have the capability to upgrade versions using their package management systems, please use caution when upgrading a Cloud Server in place, as there can be unexpected behavior when the kernel receives updated repository files not optimized for a SpinUp Cloud Server.

Create and test snapshots before you perform any upgrades. Create file-level backups of critical data, and plan accordingly for possible downtime to resolve issues in server rescue mode.

We recommend that when possible, you skip the upgrade process entirely by spinning up a new server from a Base Image that contains the most recent OS version that you want to work with, and then use file-level backups or migrations to get your data onto the new server. This way you can not only run servers in parallel to thoroughly test the upgraded software, but also take advantage of the optimizations that have already been done for you to make the OS fully functional for SpinUp Cloud Servers.

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