Account Introduction

Your SpinUp account enables you to use resources on the SpinUp cloud infrastructure, as well as to organize your resources into projects. You need an account to log in to the SpinUp Control Panel and to use our product APIs.

The SpinUp cloud:

  • is a simple, no-fuss cloud hosting solution.
  • features powerful, straightforward products.
  • offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • is great for collaborating by using the Projects feature.
  • makes it easy to quickly spin up resources and get started.

SpinUp products

Cloud Servers - High performance Virtual Machines (VMs) that can scale to meet a wide variety of workload needs.

Block Storage - Quickly and easily increase your storage capacity as your applications and databases grow over time.

Load Balancer - Automatically distribute workloads across servers to reduce outages.

Account features

Projects - Organize your cloud resources into logical groupings.


SpinUp Pricing - Predictable and simple rate plans.

Ready to SpinUp your account?

Have a look at our great Quickstart Guide.

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