Create a Ticket

This article walks you through creating a support ticket in your SpinUp account.


Before can create a ticket, you need the following:

  • A SpinUp account
  • Access to the SpinUp portal.

Create a ticket

After you have logged into the SpinUp portal and are on the Dashboard, select Tickets from the left-hand navigation menu. Click CREATE to open the New Ticket page. Fill in the following ticket fields:

Subject: Fill in a short title for your ticket so that it can be identified. Category: A drop-down menu offers Billing and Support options. Choose the one which best fits your request. Description: Provide a description of your request. Be sure to include all information that might be relevant to your request.

After you have filled in the ticket details, then click CREATE TICKET. You need to fill in all three fields to submit the ticket.

After the ticket is created, you can see the ticket’s details, which include the date and time it was submitted, the subject, the category, the description, and the status of the ticket. Below this, there is an option for adding comments to the ticket. Responses to your ticket also appear here.

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