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SpinUp DIY Cloud Is Here

New cloud platform aims for the ideal balance of simplicity, low prices and performance.

by Team Spinup | Feb 11, 2020

2/11/20 – SpinUp, a simple, no-fuss cloud platform, is now available with cloud servers and block and object storage starting at $5 per month. Additional products include low cost load balancers and databases. The platform comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Conceived by a group of developers, solopreneurs and hobbyists frustrated with the cloud options in the market, SpinUp is designed to meet users where they are and grow with them. The new cloud service aims for a sweet spot that balances simplicity, low prices and performance—all backed by a great support experience. Whether they are spinning up a single Minecraft server or launching a high-traffic e-commerce app, SpinUp users will find an intuitive platform that is D.I.Y. friendly while providing a depth of advanced features and support to tap into as needs evolve.

While several low-cost services have emerged to meet the needs of small businesses, startups and individual technologists, SpinUp was created specifically to address what it sees as the shortcomings of existing platforms—chronic downtime, abrupt account lockouts followed by poor communication, a lack of Windows options and limited object storage and database features, among others.

The team behind the new platform combined their own insights from using cloud services with deep research into the process of deploying and managing infrastructure as experienced by their peers every day. As a result, SpinUp enters the market with a simple, powerful and responsive user interface and several offerings that set it apart from comparable platforms. It is the only cloud in its category to offer database in a package in which users only pay for the storage they need, with storage and compute sized and sold separately. SpinUp provides some of the best Windows (including Windows 2019) cloud server size and cost options among competing clouds, and its object storage includes optional content delivery network (CDN) integration.

SpinUp seeks to be a community-driven cloud platform from the start. 100 articles per month are being generated to solve user problems, and video tutorials and user-generated content will add to the rapidly growing library of resources. Users are encouraged to get involved in the community by submitting helpful articles, technical questions and product ideas to shape the future of the platform.

Users can get started on SpinUp with a free $50 credit to test the platform risk free, and they are encouraged to reach out to SpinUp support with feedback and questions.

About SpinUp

SpinUp is the simple, no-fuss cloud for DIY developers and entrepreneurs with a project to launch. With simplicity and power packed into every product, SpinUp makes it easy to activate the cloud resources you need so you can do what you do best.

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